Die Cutting Formes

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A Die Cutting Forme or Press knife is a tool used in the die cutting process.

A manufacturing technique for cutting precise shapes out of materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric, foam, rubber, plastics, magnets and more. These formes are used in various industries for different purposes:

Printing and Packaging:

Die cutting formes are used to create precise shapes in products like boxes, cartons, and labels, often for packaging and branding purposes.


Used to make adhesive labels in various shapes and sizes for products like beverage & food packaging and pharmaceutical items.

Fashion and Textiles:

In the fashion industry a die cutting forme is used to cut patterns and shapes for garments, leather goods, and accessories.

Automotive Industry:

Die cutting formes are used to cut gaskets and seals from materials like rubber and plastic for vehicles.

Electronics and Engineering:

Creating precision components for devices, like insulating materials, gaskets, and shields.

Craft and Hobby:

Popular among hobbyists for cutting materials into decorative shapes for crafting projects.

Medical Industry:

Die cutting is used to make medical products like adhesive tapes, wound dressings, and specialized devices.

Die cutting formes come in various shapes and sizes and are custom made to match specific cutting requirements. They have sharp edged blades and are pressed against the material to produce the desired shape. This process ensures accuracy and consistency in mass production.

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