NCFS offer a range of machines which are ideal for cutting an extensive range of materials

1. Choose the font that you would like.

We can create a stencil using most fonts.
Many free fonts are available online and can be found by searching the web for free fonts, (we like:
Just let us know where to download the font, then we can take it from there. We can also cut your Company Logo too.

2. Determine the size of the area where you are going to stencil the lettering.

Having your design created here in New Zealand at Newton Cutting Formes, allows you to check that your packaging product is exactly to your requirements before sending overseas.

3. Order your stencil.

then we will provide you with a proof.
Once you approve the proof, we cut the stencil. Generally we use our 1mm polyprop stencil plastic which gives you a nice, sharp paint edge. If you are going to be spray painting or using the stencil repeatedly, you should consider upgrading to a thicker plastic which is more durable and can withstand more scrubbing when cleaning.
We add bridgesso so the center of the letters like o,p,e, etc don't fall out.
Please let us know your application and plastic preference when submitting your stencil.

Newton Cutting Formes Services can provide virtually any package you need for your prototype device
& are constantly finding new ways to save time and money during the design process.